About SALT

Established in 1994, Sea and Land Technologies has been synonymous with the marketing and sales of high technology products and services designed for marine / land survey, commercial & military diving, inspection repairs & maintenance & subsea buoyancy markets in the ASEAN & Australasia region. 

Our commitment to meeting our clients needs and expectations is expressed in our proposition: Global Technologies | Seamless Solutions. To  us it is a shared ideal that inspires us and drives us to bring the latest and best technologies from around the globe. To you it is our promise to deliver solutions that help you push the boundaries in our pursuit to achieve excellence.


Working for You. And with You

To be the leading high technology solutions provider to enhance the boundaries of success serving the customers across the market segments within the Marine, Subsea, Coastal and Inland Sectors in the Asia Pacific region.

Our Businesses


+ Oceanographic
+ Hydrographic
+ Geophysical / Seismic
+ Hydrology
+ Navigation & Positioning
+ NDT Inspection
+ Environmental
+ Land Survey
+ DP Sensors
+ Laboratory
+ Underwater Robotics




+ Diving System
+ Hyperbaric Chambers
+ Saturation Dive Systems
+ Mixed Gas Air Spreads
+ Military / Search &
   Rescue Equipment
+  Air & Depth Monitoring
+ Underwater Cleaning
+ Diving Accessories
+ Scuba Replacement
+ Umbilicals


+ Flexible Buoyancy
+ Water Load Bags
+ Mooring Buoys
+ Bottom Mounted
+ Hard Ball Floats
+ Marker Floats
+ Instrumental Collar
+ Bend Stiffeners
+ Cable Crossings
+ Cable Ballast
+ J Tube Seals
+ Piggy Back Clamps
+ Cable & Connectors


+ Side Scan Sonars
+ Black Box Detection
+ Multibeam Mapping
+ AUVs, ROVs complete
   with positioning systems
   & sonars
+ High Resolution
+ Inertial Navigation
+ Precision GPS
+ Dark Water Vision


+ High Pressure Pumps
   – Up to 40,000 PSI
   – Bare Shaft Units
   – Completely Built Units
   – Electrical & Diesel
     Engine Options
+ Underwater NDT &
   Inspection Equipment
+ Remotely Operated
   Vehicles (ROV’s)
   – ROV Tooling
   – Inspection ROV’s
   – Work Class ROV’s
   – ROV Bolt-on


+ Infrastructure Safety &
   Security Projects
+ National Fleet Tracking
+ Maritime EEZ Security
+ Maritime Environmental

Value Add Services

Value creation comes from valued partnerships. The width and depth of the solutions that we bring with our partners give you the freedom to focus on expanding your capabilities, and making the deep look out for newer horizons.

Repair & Maintenance

Repair & Maintenance

All the equipment and systems that goes out of our facility are tested to meet both the manufacturer test procedures as well as our own ISO 9001:2015 standards. SALT servers as authorized repair/service centre for some of the manufacturers that we represent. We undertake long term preventive maintenance contracts to maintain and enhance the life of the equipment we supply.



Underwater equipment needing bottom mount frames or in-line mooring frame? Vessel mount systems needing on deck mounting, or transducers needing over the side, bow mount, or hull mount frames? Mounting frames/poles for any other sensor on the land? Let us know and we can help design and fabricate you the customized mounting frame just to meet your specific need.

Installation & Commissioning

Installation & Commissioning

Installing the equipment at site or on a vessel? Our factory trained can assist with the installation and or commissioning the equipment at site. We can provide engineers with relevant field experience and capable of conducting installation, instrument set up and field data collection



No matter how simple or complicated an instrument is to use, the instrument is best utilized when the user/s is trained to use the system in the right manner. Our group of experience and factory trained trainers ensure that training is delivered to the user to be able to optimize the use of the system.
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System Integration

System Integration

Having multiple sensors measuring a multitude of parameters? Want to integrate multiple sensors to a data logger? Want to transfer data using cable or wireless means? Want to have a central repository for the data? Leave it to us to deal with the integration and data handling.

Cable Moulding & Termination

Cable Moulding & Termination

Our engineering team is fully capable of making reliable underwater connections that last the test of times. Having the right mould helps the cable to last longer and maintains good connectivity even in the harshest conditions. Using a series of differently sized and shaped moulding blocks, we will make sure that your cables pass the test of strength and time. Hot Moulding adds capability to our facility



Authorized calibration centre for the AML Oceanographics Sound Velocity Profilers. Benefit by saving on the equipment downtime and the costs of calibration test standards are factory calibrated at AML Oceanographic once 2 years.

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