Cable Hang-offs


Tekmar have taken a very standard “off-the-shelf” component used within the industry and pioneered a new patented solution, addressing many of the problems associated with the previously available products on the market. The hang-off clamp secures the cable at the top of the foundation (j-tube or monopile) and allows it to be terminated.


■ Quick and efficient assembly process
■ Temporary clamp pressure <3MPa (most existing designs exceed this)
■ Reduced stick distance from the hang-off flange in order to support the core routing and termination
■ Optimised for sealing when used on a monopile foundation and passed tests in over 3 bar of pressure (most existing designs reach up to 1 bar)
■ Reduced sealing resin requirement (typically 2-3 litres whereas most existing designs use up to 10, which is a H&S risk)