Authorized calibration centre for the AML Oceanographics Sound Velocity Profilers. Benefit by saving on the equipment downtime and the costs of calibration by getting your system calibrated at our calibration facility. Our calibration test standards are factory calibrated at AML Oceanographics once every 2 years
Sound Velocity Calibration
Equipments calibrated: AML SV sensors
Calibration of AML Sound Velocity Time of Flight sensors uses the Del Grosso & Mader pure water equation. A strict set of requirements are in place to ensure the quality of the calibration including high accuracy and high speed temperature probe, homogeneous water temperature within the sensing volume etc.
Accurary : 0.5% Full Scale
Range : 1400 to 1550 m/s range

Tritech SeaKing 700 Series Bathymetric System
SALT has been performing calibration and repair services for the AML Oceanographic range of Sound Velocity Profiler’s. SALT now furthers its offering by adding the proficiency to perform full calibration and servicing on the Tritech SeaKing 700 series Bathymetric Oceano-graphic sensors. SALT’s calibration facility has been verified to be in line with the manufacturer’s calibration standards and accredited as a FULL SERVICE & CALIBRA-TION Centre by Tritech International, UK.
Pressure Calibration
Equipment calibrated: AML Pressure probes 
The sensor is checked against a set of pressure values from the dead weight sensor and the raw count values are used to obtain calibration coefficients. The calibration uses a H Budenberg dead weight tester. 
Accuracy: to 0.015% Full Scale 
Range: 0 to 7000 decibars 

Temperature Calibration
Equipment calibrated: AML Temperature sensors
The calibration uses a GE AS125 high accuracy temperature probe to compare the standard temperature readings and the raw instrument count which are used to arrive the calibration coefficients.
Accuracy: Better than +/- 0.003o C
Working Range: -5o C to +40o C



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