Discover the ECA Group Hytec™ H1000-OR Light Work Class ROV system for object recovery in strong currents and up to 1000m depth. Modular and easily configured according to your needs thanks to a wide range of sonar, manipulator arms and tools, and any type of sensors .


■ High performances viewing system & sonar
■ 2 manipulators & hydraulic tools
■ Wide range of additional sensors
■ Easy access to all sub-systems for maintenance
■ Air transportable
■ TMS and launch & recovery system
■ Control unit & service container
■ Validated and used by French navy

Applications for Defence & Security Sector

■ Offshore protection: Torpedo recovery; Black box recovery; Offshore wreck expertise inspection
■ First responders: Black box recovery
■ Search & Rescue operations: Black box recovery; Wreck expertise inspection

Applications for Maritime Sector

■ Underwater inspections & surveys: Wreck expertise inspection
■ Subsea works: Object recovery