H1 Buckleys Bathycorrometer


The Buckleys Bathycorrometer® is an advanced, hand held, diver operated unit providing a consistent way of determining the corrosion of subsea structures. The current model is based on the original Roxby unit which has been in service since 1971. It will provide the diver with a direct readout of corrosion potential at the point of application. It can also be connected to a Surface Display Unit to give topside readings (see data sheet H29). Whilst the performance of the unit has been improved by the introduction of new electronics, the original features of the Bathycorrometer have been retained as the unit has specified use worldwide.

Bathycorrometers are used for polarisation, corrosion and interaction surveys, in particular as part of the commissioning check or inspection of production and drilling platforms, underwater pipelines, ships hulls, jetties, piers and other marine works.


■ Accurate 3½ digit LCD display
■ LED Backlit LCD display
■ Depth of operation – up to 350 metres
■ Facility for adding remote monitoring via Surface Display Unit
■ Single handed and light
■ Robust and inert housing
■ Contact with structure by hardened stainless steel probe
■ Supplied with Calibration Certificate


■  Polarisation, corrosion and interaction surveys
■  Commissioning check or inspection of production and drilling platforms and underwater pipelines
■  Inspection of hips hulls, jetties, piers and other marine works


H1-Buckleys-BathyCorrometer Data Sheet