The coastline is often the largest and most vulnerable border. Additionally, a country’s EEZ contains an enormous value in terms of fisheries, the environment and minerals such as oil and gas – all of which have a huge and direct effect on the economy.

The security and sovereignty of a maritime EEZ are therefore of national interest. Maritime threats come from a variety of sources, both foreign and domestic, and effective maritime monitoring systems will provide critical protection capabilities.


Our Maritime Surveillance system provides a state of the art maritime security solution suitable for national agencies such as Coast Guards, Police, Border Forces and Navies. The system seamlessly networks multiple surveillance sensors such as high-performance radars, AIS & CCTV, intelligently fusing, analysing, displaying and managing the data within the framework of a sophisticated system thereby providing Real Time surveillance. The system has the capability to provide full command, control & communications functionality that offers optimal operational efficiency & effectiveness.

Security is of prime importance and the systems provide dynamic encryption between all system nodes ensuring optimal use of available communication networks – wired and wireless without compromising system security and performance. Powerful system data analytics functionality allows continuous and automatic analysis of all system data to identify and highlight potential threats and incidents.

Maritime Surveillance Equipment

+ Infrastructure Safety  & Security Projects
+ National Fleet Tracking Projects
+ Maritime EEZ Security
+ Maritime Environment Management