2400: Deep Towed

EdgeTech’s 2400 Series is a fully integrated combined side scan sonar (with optional wide swath MPES bathymetry) & sub-bottom profiling system designed for deep water operation in depths up to 6,000m.The 2400 can be completely configured by the user to best suit the applications at hand. The system comes with a dual simultaneous frequency side scan sonar with a choice of 75 kHz, 120 kHz or 410 kHz frequencies; any of which can be paired together. The 2400 also comes with the choice of a wideband sub-bottom profiler. Frequency options for the sub-bottom profiler are 1-10 kHz, 2-16 kHz or 4-24 kHz.

A multitude of additional optional sensors can also be integrated with the 2400 System for additional data collection. Many of these sensors are Plug ‘n’ Tow™ which means they have been tested by EdgeTech and the product manufacturer to ensure that both systems will work seamlessly together. Some typical Plug ‘n’ Tow™ sensors include magnetometer, USBL acoustic tracking system, swath bathymetry, CTD, motion sensing, etc. with others also available.

A standard 2400 System comes complete with a choice of combined deep towfish, digital telemetry that runs over a single coaxial cable and a 19 inch rack mount topside processor running EdgeTech’s DISCOVER acquisition software.