AA251, AA301 Boomer Seismic Sound Source

Sound Source, Boomers
A boomer plate, or ‘boomer’, emits acoustic impulses or pressure waves, known as a transmission pulse, from its floating position on the sea surface through the sea water to the seabed. The two models of boomer, the AA251 and AA301, produce a sharp, repeatable single pulse and are deployed on a robust catamaran.

AA251 Boomer Plate
This is the small format transducer that can be towed on either the CAT100 or CAT200 surface tow vehicle. It is ideal for inshore surveys for high resolution sediment analysis with the CSP-L energy source or as a higher penetration device with the CSP-P and CSP-D models.
■ Maximum 200J per shot
■ Rugged mechanical design with weight kept to a minimum
■ Provides stable pulse shape clarity with minimum reverberation
■ Supplied as an individual product or with CAT100 or CAT200 catamaran
■ Supplied with RMK connectors as standard.
■ Ideal for small craft and coastal surveys
■ Integral part of Applied Acoustics’ Inshore Boomer System

AA301 Boomer Plate
The AA301 is designed for high power applications and has the extra advantage of use as a variable frequency boomer when used with the CSP-D range of energy sources. This allows wide ranging pulse widths not formerly available. The lengthening of the pulse width ensures even greater penetration whist maintaining a high quality single pulse.

■ Maximum 350J per shot
■ Unique control of driven plate and precise pulse shape
■ Special cooling system for reliability
■ Supplied as individual product or with CAT200 catamaran
■ Replaceable components for easy field maintenance
■ Supplied with RMK connectors as standard.
■ Ideal for nearshore and shallow water surveys (up to 120m depth) depending on geology.