Air Control & Depth Monitoring

350M BIBS Mask


Air Control and Depth Monitoring 
System for 3 Divers (8330I)

Air Control and Depth Monitoring
System for 2 Divers without
Communications (8225I)

Inhalator without 1st Stage 
Regulator Assembly without
Microphone Assembly (801238-01)


Conshell XIV / Supreme 
World’s most popular military and
professional regulator

Solid, robust Dive Mask-Black 
and Silicon

Rocket Fin
Traditional all rubber design,
available in black and with quick-release buckles Popular with Military and Professional divers

Shedder SAR Fin
Special fin for water rescue, SAR swimming, and Helo OPS Patented split-blade reduces drag and increases lift Heavy duty adjustable buckle with padded heel and leash black and yellow

Jetstream Regulator

Effortless breathing at any depth. The first stage incorporate a safety valve that allows you to continue to breathe normally from the second stage, even in the unlikely event of abnormally high pressure air in the first stage

Poseidon Xstream Black

is the preferred performance regulator of the US Navy, US Coastguard, and German Bundeswehr, brings divers the ultimate in performance in all water conditions and at all depths (certified to 200m/656ft)