11, 000m Capable Iridium/LED Beacon

The Apollo-3 is a short tube variant of the Apollo, the Apollo-3 offers a shorter, lighter package for easier mooring. The Apollo-3 operates in the same manner as the standard long-tube Apollo, however, due to the smaller enclosure, requires three Saft LSH20 size D 3.6V Lithium batteries with a nominal voltage of 10.8V. Like its larger counterpart, the Apollo-3 has a depth rating of 11, 000 meters.



  • 28.23cm x 5.08cm diam
  • Titanium/Glass
  • 1839g in air, 1264g in water
  • 11, 000m depth rating
  • Iridium communications
  • LED light for enhanced visibility
  • 3D-cell Lithium batteries
  • Deployment time: 547 days below the surface
  • 51 days at the surface (hourly position messages)
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE) for easy setup