Aquadopp 300 m

Highly versatile single-point current meter with optional PUV wave measurements

At SALT, we leverage our vast experience and the latest in communications technology to engineer modern solutions that deliver value to our customers. SALT’s Real-time Current Measurement system is one such system that integrates the Nortek Aquadopp Current Meter, an in-house fully portable Power Communications Interface box (PCIB), and the power of a ruggedized Android mobile platform.

Aquadopp/Pro Reader, an application developed by SALT, and available for download on Google Play is used for wireless data acquisition from the Nortek Aquadopp. The PCIB is weather-proof, provides power to the Aquadopp using a built-in rechargeable battery, and communicates with the app using a Bluetooth signal. A maximum cable length of 200m can be used between the PCIB and the Aquadopp. The Bluetooth communication range* between the app and the PCIB has been tested up to 20m. A solid SS 316 in-line frame and fin complete the deliverables.


SALT Real Time Current Meter