Breathing Air Purity Test Kit

Breathing air purity test kit – compact and easily transportable. Tests CO2-CO-Oil mist & water vapour levels using Kitigawa tube system. Complete with YOKE & Din Sampling connectors. Supplied with 10 tubes of each test element.

Part No.: SLT 5700

The pressure regulator is set to pre-selected flow conditions as defined by “KITIGAWA” gas tube technology. This ensures an accurate and consistent result every time.

These tubes are not compatible with other Systems.

Replacement tubes are available in packs of 10 tubes per type. Please refer to price list for code numbers and prices.

Each kit is supplied with a full operating manual which also has a test record card.

Carrying Case Dimensions:
33 x 23 x 10 cm
Weight is 1.8 Kg.