Directional GNSS Wave Height Sensor

The Brizo-X Directional Wave Height Sensor utilizes Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) to measure wave statistics. Since the Brizo-X does not use a compass or accelerometer, no calibration is required. The sensor is housed in a fully Weather and Waterproof Enclosure for the most rugged environments. The sensor runs autonomously and can output over RS-232 or send messages over one of the embedded telemetry options available.

Wave Statistics: Max Wave Height, Significant Wave Height, Peak Period, Mean Wave Direction, Mean Spread (These are frequently used wave stats but not a complete list).

Brizo-X: Wave height sensor using GPS and GLONASS L1&L2 signals designed to store data internally or interface with an external datalogger. GNSS antenna mounted internally. 


Embedded Iridium: Option to include Iridium communications on Brizo-X, includes iridium modem and internal antenna.



  • Measure both Wave Height & Direction
  • Wave Motion Sensor using GPS and GLONASS, L1 & L2 Signals.
  • Integral GNSS Antenna for ease of deployment
  • EasyGO Deployment: Activate, Mount, Power
  • Fully Weather and Waterproof Enclosure, for the most rugged environments
  • Internal Logger