Digiquartz® Broadband Barometers

Digiquartz® Broadband Barometers are used for applications where high accuracy, resolution, reliability, longterm stability and low total cost of ownership are critical parameters. Accuracy of ±0.08 hPa is achieved under both laboratory and field conditions. The Broadband Barometers measure absolute full-scale atmospheric pressure for airport measurements, weather, GPS-MET, and climate studies. High-resolution dynamic measurements of infrasound signals can be made to 0.0003 Pa to detect microbaroms, severe weather, tornadoes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, avalanches, nuclear tests, and turbulence. The recommended model for infrasound measurements is the GPS-enabled Model 6000-16B-IS.

Paroscientific is certified to the ISO 9001 International Quality Standards. We offer a 3-year stability warranty on all broadband barometers and a market-leading 5-year limited warranty on all Digiquartz® Transducers with the first two years covered at 100%.