3D Multibeam Imaging Sonar

Eclipse is a highly versatile multibeam sonar which has the ability to clearly visualise the underwater environment in 3D.

The Eclipse carries out horizontal and vertical measurements through the use of Tritech’s true time-delay beamforming and electronic beam steering technology. This coupled with the 3D underwater visualization make Eclipse the most flexible multibeam sonar on the market and the solution for mattress lay in zero visibility and also in search and salvage operations and pipeline inspections.

Eclipse can be deployed on an ROV at depths down to 1000m both in Forward Looking Navigation and 3D Model View modes.

Forward Looking Navigation
In forward-looking or search mode, Eclipse produces 2D imagery which can be used to aid navigation and obstacle avoidance when mounted on a ROV.

3D Model View
Eclipse’s 3D Model View allows imaging up to 40m range, with 0.5º sweep steps. By electronically sweeping the 1.5º x 120º profiling beam, a 120º (horizontal) by 45 º (vertical) volumes can be produced ahead of the sonar. Depending on range setting, the Eclipse can image a complete a volume scan in less than one second.

Measurements possible with Eclipse’s 3D model view include; range, bearing, horizontal and vertical distance and the slope angle between two points of interest. The 3D volume image can also be digitised onto a points cloud for export to third party applications for further processing.