Mini Marine Magnetometer

3.8 kgs, soaking wet
Explorer is the world’s smallest and lightest high sensitivity magnetometer.
It’s ideal for inshore, shallow water work, or offshore towed behind side scans,
AUVs and ROVs.

One Man Operation
3.8 kgs (8.5 lbs) for the mag
6.9 kgs (15 lbs) for a 50m (164 ft) tow cable

High Sensitivity Without Export Restrictions
With 0.02 nT sensor sensitivity and 0.001 nT counter sensitivity Explorer maintains high sensitivity, without requiring an export permit.

Unmatched Absolute Accuracy
Explorer gives you consistent, repeatable data you can trust. At 0.1 nT it is orders of magnitude more accurate than all competing magnetometers.

2W Ultra Low Power Consumption
Explorer can be powered by a single car battery for up to 200 hours.

Survey in Any Direction, Anywhere in the World
There are no limitations with our omnidirectional Overhauser sensors they don’t have a dead zone. That’s why Explorer has a sleek design. You never have to rotate the sensor to try to minimize the dead zone, as you would with competing mags. *A dead zone is an area where the mag can’t take any readings.

No Heading Error
No matter how our sensors are oriented, successive survey lines match up perfectly. You’ll produce better quality magnetic maps and won’t lose what you’re looking for in mismatched survey lines. Heading error is an offset in the mag data caused by changing direction with each survey line.

No Sensor Warm Up Time
Explorer works instantly on power up, regardless of the water temperature.

Maintenance-Free Overhauser Sensors
Our sensors are omnidirectional, maintenance free, and do not require realignment, or recalibration. Plus they don’t contain any consumable parts, or toxic chemicals.