Fanbeam® 5

The laser-based DP position reference system that provides enhanced vessel reliability and ensures the safety of operations across multiple vessels.

The laser position reference sensor of choice
The development programme behind Fanbeam has enabled TECHMAK to deliver an intelligent DP position reference system, which provides reliability and accuracy for a range of applications and environmental conditions.

■ Highly complementary to differential global positioning systems (DGPS), which can degrade when close to larger structures
■ Easy to install and quick to mobilise
■ Provides independent redundancy against other position reference systems (PRS)
■ Cost effective, using inexpensive passive reflectors
■ Fastest positional update rate on the market (typically, at least two readings per second)
■ Minimum of 150 pulses per degree of horizontal rotation provides superior signal return from reflectors
■ Easy to operate, with thousands of dynamic positioning operators (DPOs) already familiar with the system
■ Recognised by classification bodies and international standards