Fanbeam® Controller 4.0

Designed to enhance product usability, functionality and performance, this next-generation Fanbeam 5 controller supports safer and faster DP operations by providing you with the right information when you need it.

A fresh interface
Developed by TECHMAK’s in-house software and usability teams, the Fanbeam Controller 4.0 software now provides advanced features and functionality that places control in the hands of the dynamic positioning operator (DPO).

Software designed with DPOs in mind
For over 20 years, we have worked closely with customers and service centres to understand the demands of different offshore DP projects and vessel types.

When designing the software at the heart of this new control system, we used this experience to develop a product that provides DPOs with the support required to carry out fast, effective and safe DP operations with ease and confidence, even in extreme offshore conditions.

■ Clear, uncomplicated graphical displays
■ Full DPO control over filtering
■ Reliable, intelligent automation
■ Basic mode for operating in good conditions
■ Advanced modes for operation in challenging conditions

A clean and intuitive user interface
Fanbeam Controller 4.0 is designed to give DPOs a simple yet highly functional software user interface to work with. It features a clearer layout, with simple graphical displays for tracking confidence and threats from false observations.

With fewer controls on screen, bigger buttons, and controls that are grouped logically, the simple function keys allow easy access to all controls. All inputs and outputs are labelled with large, clear icons and each operation has its own button press/numeric input.

Smart display preferences reduce the need for user interaction, leaving the operator free to focus on more complex tasks. Such options include a day/night colour scheme, which automatically adjusts the display to allow for changing conditions.

A bird’s-eye view for ease of control

Fanbeam Controller 4.0 features a larger and more capable bird’s-eye view (BEV) graphical pane, which shows the positions of observations relative to each other, and a scaled outline to represent the DPO’s vessel. This makes it easier to understand vessel position from a distance.

When tracking begins, the BEV homes in on the selected target in the highest possible detail. At the same time, a dashboard view provides a clear display of the performance indicators that produce the tracking confidence and potential threats, and calculates the effect of any other observations in the field of view.

When conditions are challenging, operators may wish to monitor all performance measurements at once. In these scenarios, the detailed performance information dashboard can be kept in the centre of the screen. During less complicated operations, however, there is the option to clear the dashboard away in exchange for a larger BEV.

Our most user-friendly Fanbeam control system ever

Fanbeam software is optimised to work with its controller, which includes a dedicated control panel for reliable input despite challenging offshore conditions.

■ Function keys provide quick navigation
■ Numeric keypad for configuration value entry and target selection
■ Cursor keys for selecting and changing values
■ Dimmable LED backlight
■ Touchpad pointing device with no moving parts
■ Left and right mouse buttons
■ Tactile buttons with raised profiles for touch orientation
■ Bracket or panel mount variants
■ Integral buzzer for audio alert function

A powerful, next-generation computer
The new ruggedised PC, which forms the core of the Fanbeam controller, is the perfect platform for our latest software. Supplied with all Fanbeam 5 packages, this high-specification PC features an embedded Windows® 7 operating system. The PC is configurable to each ship’s installation, and can be quickly and easily shelf- or bulkhead-mounted near the vessel’s bridge console.