FT540 Box Corer

The FT540 Box Corer is a reliable and effective core sampler available in multiple sizes. Box Corers are broadly used for biological, chemical, and geochemical investigation. The near undisturbed sample gives the best physical core of the sea bed for analysis.

Feritech’s designers have much improved on the traditional design of this class of samplers. They have minimised the “bow wave” effect associated with lowering the corer to the seabed, allowing the FT540 to deliver the least disturbed sample of instruments in this class, even in extremely fine sediments.

The Box Corer is easily deployed from the supplied deck stand and the mechanical deployment system automatically triggers when the instrument touches down on the seabed. The integral non-return valve style system in the top of the sample bucket maintains the undisturbed nature of the sample on recovery through the water column.

By using a lifting spreader beam and a series of pulleys, we are able to dramatically reduce the height required on the lifting apparatus, and are therefore able to deploy our 0.5m² system in the same space as a traditional 0.25m².