FT571 50kN FT572 100kN Marine Seafloor Straight Push CPT

The Feritech FT57x series of seafloor CPT systems shows the way for the latest generation CPT technology. Simple to use, quick to mobilise, and with advanced features, it produces class-leading results.

Available to buy and also for rent

This flexible system can be deployed from a vessel or platform, the system can be configured with various thrust capacities

50kN (FT571) standard unit

100Kn (FT572) standard unit with additional ballast and license upgrade

200kN (FT573) double stack of 100kN units

The advanced wheel drive system accommodates standard CPT rods and can be adjusted for different rod diameters.

The FT570 has been designed from the ground up to offer the user maximum flexibility, as the unit can be configured with a dead weight of between 5 and 10 tonnes using the modular ballast, allowing it to be used on small or large vessels alike.