Gemini 720im Multibeam Sonar

World’s smallest multibeam sonar

The Gemini 720im fuses Tritech’s Gemini multibeam technology with Tritech’s Micron technology to create the world’s smallest multibeam imaging sonar.

Having a 90° horizontal field of view and 50m range, with an update rate up to 20Hz, the Gemini 720im brings real-time imaging to places where multibeam was never possible previously.

With incredibly compact dimensions the Gemini 720im can be used in applications where size is critical. This makes the Gemini 720im ideally suited for micro ROV/AUVs in addition to applications where space is restricted or weight is critical, including diver helmet and pole mounted applications such as Search and Recovery (SAR) operations.

Operating at 720kHz, the Gemini 720im augments the successful Gemini range of imaging multibeam sonars and amalgamates many of the Gemini 720is and Gemini 720ik features into an ultra-compact unit.

The new Tritech Genesis integrated software suite communicates with the Gemini 720im, using Ethernet or Tritech’s advanced Serial Multibeam Protocol (TSMP).

The auxiliary port on the sonar allows for the daisychaining of sensors including the Micron USBL Modem and Micron EchoSounder.

Advanced adaptive processing ensures that the most detailed image possible is generated regardless of range. This includes automatic switching between Compressed High Intensity Radar Pulse (CHIRP) and Continuous Wave (CW) modes of operation to maximize image definition.

Tritech’s Genesis software suite, is supplied with the Gemini 720im and is available from the Tritech website, supporting all Tritech’s sensors. There is also a Windows and Linux Software Development Kit (SDK) for the sonar to allow users to fully integrate the Gemini 720im into a customised system.