GeoEel Solid™ Digital Streamer

Introducing the ultimate in marine seismic fidelity: the GeoEel SolidTM from Geometrics. Built on our experience and success with the popular GeoEelTM digital streamer, the GeoEel Solid combines superior electronics with a patented solid active section design that delivers higher-quality data than ever before.

The GeoEel Solid digital hydrophone streamer is the smallest diameter solid design available. At only 44.5 mm, the GeoEel Solid is easy to deploy, easy to transport and easily shipped by air. The 100% solid construction, coupled with our proprietary polymer hydrophone design, eliminates bulge waves and other cable-borne noise, yielding very low towing noise at lower frequencies than any liquid streamer.

The GeoEel Solid communicates via 100 mbs Ethernet with the Geometrics CNT-2 controller, running field proven acquisition software that is used on over 70 installations worldwide. And the GeoEel Solid is designed by Geometrics, known for over 40 years as an industry leader in rugged, reliable and well supported instrumentation.