GNSS-750 Wideband Choke Ring Antenna

Our multi-constellation GNSS-750 delivers next generation wideband choke ring antenna technology. Rugged, low profile construction makes it ideal for reference stations, geological monitoring and other applications requiring a robust high performance antenna. Multi-constellation tracking of GNSS measurements from existing and subsequent satellite constellations makes this antenna future proof.


General Info Width/Diameter (mm)
Height (mm)
Weight (g)
Constellation GPS
Tracking Max Num of Frequency
Antenna Form Factor ChokeRing  
Antenna Mounting Pole
Performance LNA Gain (dB) 43

Superior Performance and Accuracy

The innovative design of this 3D antenna improves low elevation tracking. An insert was added to the choke ring design to enhance multipath rejection based on results from live GIOVE-A, GIOVE-B and L5 signals.

Proven Robust Technology

Utilizing an ultra-wideband Dorne-Margolin antenna element, our GNSS-750 optimizes antenna gain, enabling use with most manufacturers’ geodetic receivers. Its sturdy aluminum alloy construction ensures it will withstand difficult environmental conditions.

Note: The GNSS-750 Antenna is not within the scope of the RoHS Directive. It is intended to be used as a Reference Station antenna at a fixed location, over a long period of time, and as such it qualifies to use the “Large-Scale Fixed Installation” RoHS scope exemption.

Meeting the European Union’s directive for Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS), integrators can be confident the ANT-26C1GA-TBW-N can be used in system designs for years to come.

Features & Benefits

■ Stable phase center
■ Ultra-wideband Dorne-Margolin element
■ Aluminum alloy construction
■ Tracks signals when visible, down to the horizon and below

■ High precision measurements
■ Increased signal observations ensure higher availability and reliability
■ Eliminates need for future redesign
■ Rugged construction delivers reliable performance even in harsh environments
■ 3D antenna improves low elevation tracking