Generate high-resolution maps of water quality, currents, and bathymetry

A unique AUV designed specifically for mapping water quality, water currents, and bathymetry.

The i3XO AUV will provide high resolution water quality data, side scan sonar imaging, downward looking current profiling, and bathymetric surveying. Used by government agencies, military, universities, contractors, and private organizations, the versatility of the i3XO is perfect for all your monitoring requirements.


  • Reliable autonomous underwater vehicle with DVL navigation
  • Flexible options for water quality, bottom mapping, water current profiling, and side-scan sonar
  • Data logged continuously as vehicle moves through water column
  • Deployable by one person
  • Easy and fast mission planning
  • 8 – 14 hour run times at speeds of 2 – 4 knots
  • Built in Wi-Fi