Measures Particle Size Distribution and Concentration; and Optical VSF

This model supersedes the LISST-100X.

The LISST-200X marks a major advance in technology of our workhorse LISST-100X submersible laser-diffraction instruments used for use in rivers, streams, ports, harbors, coasts and oceans. It also measures the small-angle optical volume scattering function (VSF).

Similar to LISST-100X, it too holds calibration for life.

■ Measures Particle Size and Concentration
■ Particle Size Range: 1.0 to 500 microns
■ Small angle VSF: 0.039 to 13.8 degrees.
■ Extended Depth Rating: 600 meters
■ Automated Pass/Fail report on Backgrounds
■ Half the physical size of the LISST-100X
■ Smarter data file structure
■ Analog output of size and concentration
■ Plug and Play Compatible with most CTDs