Submersible Acoustic Backscatter Sediment Sensor

This is a low-cost sensor designed specifically for measuring Suspended Sediment Concentration at a point. It represents an advance over turbidity sensors. See Related Articles in right column. It is suitable for use in environmental applications, as well as in industry, such as hydropower.

■ The 8MHz acoustic sensor ‘sees’ all size grains, and unlike turbidity, it sees coarse grains very well. [see article on river profile.]
■ The LISST-ABS calibration is far less sensitive to grain size changes than turbidity sensors, changing only ~ ± 30% over 30-400 microns (see Application Note).
■ Operates over a >4-decade working range in concentration!
■ Tolerates fouling.

The LISST-ABS is easy to integrate into existing sensor platforms. Click here for simple version of how it works, or here to get a detailed explanation.