LOG_aLevel Mobile

Tide Gauge

LOG_aLevel Mobile is an easy to carry, plug and play, stand-alone remote sensing Mobile Tide Gauge. Based on the well-known and proven LOG_aLevel system, this unit is also calibration-free, accurate, durable and very cost-effective. LOG_aLevel Mobile measures reliably and precisely water level and all kinds of water surface dynamics.

It can also work with ultrasound, radar or pressure sensors. LOG_aLevel can be easily extended to include a datalogger, data communication systems and additional hydrological and meteorological system to form a complete monitoring station. Furthermore, multiple LOG_aLevel stations can be interconnected to form a network. Integration in SCADA systems is straightforward.

For a stationary Tide Gauge please see LOG_aLevel.

For Tide Gauges for Offshore Platforms please see LOG_aLevel Long Range.