Mako ROV

The Mako is SEAMOR Marine’s newest ROV. With a large open frame design and versatile mounting options, this vehicle can carry a variety of accessories and has the power capacity to run them all at once.

The Mako’s payload (14 kg standard, upgradable to 22.5 kg) allows users to install heavy instrumentation, including multi-beam imaging sonars. Users can easily mount and position accessories without any special tools. The ample space in the accessory bay also improves flow-through, which ensures maximum thruster efficiency, making it easy to fly the Mako no matter the payload.

The Mako comes standard with eight (8) SEAMOR-designed thrusters; four (4) of these are vertical thrusters that provide a more stable flight. The second pair of vertical thrusters offers a failsafe compared to the competition who only offers a single pair. We have arranged the Mako’s four (4) horizontal thrusters to maximize forward thrust.