Meridian Repeater

Key Features:
■ ​​Easily integrate with Gyrocompasses
■ Components of a full gyro system
■ Increase the versatility of many TSS Gyrocompasses

Gyrocompass repeaters are valuable tools in creating a full gyro system, and our repeaters fully integrate with our gyros. This extensive suite includes a number of single output readers as well as Control and Display Units (CDU). The available ancillaries increase the versatility of many of our gyrocompasses and also form integral parts of a full gyro system.

The range of gyro repeaters includes:
Bearing Repeater
Data Repeater
Digital Repeater
Heading Repeater
Dial Repeater
Dial Repeater (Twin Speed)
Rate of Turn Indicator
CDU (MK31 or Saturn)
Step Retransmission Unit
Data Distribution Unit
Uninterruptible Power Supply
Changeover System

The range of gyro ancillaries includes:
Pedestal Stand
Bulkhead Bracket
Azimuth Circle (Prism or Vane types)