Vessel-Based Laser Scanner

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Merlin is the marine LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) system developed specifically for cost-effective and safer coastal, offshore and inland waterway surveying. Extremely robust, portable, and well-engineered, Merlin provides eye-safe, long-range laser scanning that enables the capture, processing, and analysis of geospatial point cloud data quickly and accurately

Safer, faster, more efficient surveying with Merlin
Seamless integration with existing echosounder technology enables the fast and effective acquisition of time-tagged survey data above and below the
water simultaneously.

Map the full environment in a single survey

Information acquired by Carlson’s time-tagged Merlin marine laser scanner combines seamlessly with bathymetric echosounder data for complete datasets that reveal the full landscape above and below the waterline in the same survey. Obtaining a full 360° point cloud with Merlin quickly
and safely:

• Speeds up project timescales,
• Minimizes the amount of time crew spend in potentially hazardous areas, and
• Reduces the surveying costs associated with complex vessel-based surveying assignments.