MicroEel Analog Seismic Solid Streamer

The MicroEel is configured with an active section of 12 or 24 channels and a hydrophone group interval of 3.125 or 6.25 m. Each group includes three depth limited proprietary polymer hydrophones with a frequency response of 10 Hz to 10 kHz. The group signal is summed electrically and connected to one preamplifier per channel. Custom configurations are
also available.

Integrated with the active section is the tow cable, which connects topside to the MicroEel Streamer Battery Pack and seismograph via a deck cable.

The active section is built using Geometrics continuous-flotation molding method. This solid construction is specifically designed to withstand the rigors of commercial surveys in harsh conditions.

The MicroEel solid streamer has the performance and reliability that allows you to stay at sea longer, with less down time, and collect high-resolution data where other streamers cannot go.

The MicroEel is backed and supported by Geometrics, now in its 42nd year, and our worldwide service center network. Contact us today to find out how the MicroEel can work for you.