MicroEel Fusion

Geometrics is proud to announce our latest seismic marine package, the MicroEel Fusion!

Along with our MicroEel solid streamer the package includes a Geode, G-Marine acquisition controller, Seislog Navigation package, GPS, a Bubble-Pulser source, and, for the first time ever, Geometrics is offering processing services to our marine customers for your marine reflection data.

This package will simplify and speed up your rental or purchase process, saving you time and money.

Streamer MicroEel

The MicroEel solid streamer has the performance and reliability that allows you to stay at sea longer, with less down time, and collect high‐resolution data where other streamers cannot go.

The MicroEel is configured with an active section of 12 or 24 channels and a hydrophone group interval of 3.125 or 6.25 m. Each group includes three depth limited proprietary polymer hydrophones with a frequency response of 10 Hz to 10 kHz. The group signal is summed electrically and connected to one pre amplifier per channel. Custom configurations are also available.

Integrated with the active section is the tow cable, which connects topside to the MicroEel Streamer Battery Pack and seismograph via a deck cable. The active section is built using Geometrics continuous‐flotation molding method. This solid construction is specifically designed to withstand the rigors of commercial surveys in harsh conditions.

■ State‐of‐the‐art, high‐sensitivity polymer hydrophones provide a stable, accurate response over wide temperature and pressure ranges
■ Unique streamer design isolates vibration and suppresses ship and towing noise
■ Solid flotation withstands the rigors of commercial surveys in harsh conditions
■ Non‐hazardous and easily transported on commercial airlines
■ Standard configurations of 12 and 24 channels; custom configurations also available
■ Extremely lightweight, deploys easily by hand or from small winch
■ MicroEel Solid Analalog Seismic Streamer

The Geode is the most versatile and flexible seismograph available today.

Small and lightweight enough to throw in your suitcase. Expands instantly for full scale 2-D and 3-D surveys at a cost your accountant will love. And when you are not using the Geode for marine or land reflection, refraction, downhole or tomography surveys, use it for monitoring earthquakes, quarry blasts or vibration from heavy equipment. The Geode will even do sub-bottom profiling or record data continuously.

For light-duty applications, you can use your laptop to view, record and process your data. In harsh conditions, control your Geodes with Geometrics’ StrataVisorTM NZ/C series computers and seismographs. You can connect Geodes together to build systems over 1000 channels on multiple lines.

Geodes are shock-proof, dust-proof, submersible and withstand extreme temperatures. Geode modules deploy right in the field close to your geophones to improve signal quality and reduce cable costs. Data are transmitted digitally using industry standard Ethernet eliminating expensive, hard-to-configure interface cards. Geodes can even be installed on your office network.


HMS-620 System Components, Source Vehicle and Electromechanical Tow Cable (Bubble Gun)

The HMS-620 Bubble Gun is an electromechanical high-frequency source ideal for shallow exploration (up to ~200 msec), particularly in lagoons, harbors, and lakes. It is easily hand-deployable by two people from small vessels.


66-channel combined GPS/GNSS/L-band receiver. Small and lightweight for fast and hassle-free setup. Easily configured utilizing C-Nav proprietary PC-based controller software application. Easily monitored with intuitive front-panel LEDs or a C-NaviGator IIi Control/Display Unit. Full Constellation tracking, GPS, GLONASS, C-NavC1 and C-NavC2, other SBAS (WAAS/EGNOS) signals, and accepts external RTCM input. Corrections over Internet. A choice of data rates make corrections via the internet affordable, Iridium delivery ensures reception at any latitude.