MicronNav System

USBL Navigation and Positioning

USBL tracking for small vehicles

The MicronNav system is an innovative Ultra- Short Base Line (USBL) positioning system designed for small vehicles. It has been primarily designed to be used in conjunction with the Tritech Micron sonar and other products in the Micron range but will also adapt well to other sonars such as those from the SeaKing range.

The system comprises a sub-sea MicronNav Transponder/Responder, a surface USBL transducer with integral magnetic compass and pitch/roll sensors, a surface MicronNav 100 interface hub and operating software under control of a host PC/laptop.

The MicronNav uses the very latest in spread spectrum acoustic technology. This provides a robust method for communication between the dunking transducers and the vehicle responder/transponder.

The USBL transducer can provide 180 degree hemispherical coverage below the transducer, which allows vehicle tracking in very shallow water. Omni-directional coverage is provided by the MicronNav ROV Transponder or Responder.

The MicronNav “Transponder” is a stand-alone device which responds to acoustic interrogation from the USBL head. The MicronNav “Responder” is powered and interrogated by the MicronNav through the auxiliary port on the Tritech Micron sonar (either RS232 or RS485).