MIROS WaveWeather

A wave and weather monitoring system for ports tidal stations and offshore wind-farms, providing accurate wave, water level, tide, air-gap and weather data.

The compact and easy to install Miros WaveWeather is designed to deliver accurate, real-time measurements of the local sea and weather conditions to any device.

The system comprises a Miros RangeFinder and a Vaisala Weather Transmitter. The compact Weather Transmitter provides wind, temperature, humidity and pressure data utilizing the unique Vaisala solid state technology. The RangeFinder accurately measures the vertical distance to the sea-surface, undisturbed by fog, rain or water-spray. The sensor provides accurate air-gap, and calculated water level and draught data where averaging periods and reference points are configurable. Wave variables are calculated both from the wave spectrum and from timeseries.

Data is integrated into the Miros Cloud, making it immediately accessibility anywhere, without the need for any external processing. Miros Cloud enables easy integration with tidal tables, weather forecasts and other relevant data sources.

The sensors have proved their ruggedness and reliability through many years of service in extreme weather conditions, all over the world.

  • Key FeaturesReal-time monitoring of wave, water level and weather data
  • Easy data access anywhere
  • No parts submerged in water
  • Low maintenance cost