inertial navigation system
high performance ring laser gyro system

The MK31 is a ring laser gyro inertial navigation system (INS) that provides accurate heading, attitude and positional data for a wide range of naval vessels including frigates, corvettes, patrol vessels and submarines. It is ideal for customers seeking a cost-effective and reliable solution for navigation and control of onboard radar, weapon, and satellite systems.

The MK31 is easy to install, configure and operate. With extremely fast alignment alongside and at sea, the system provides highly accurate pitch, roll, heading and positional data even in the most extreme sea states. The complete system uses solid-state technology therefore no maintenance is required to keep the MK31 fully operational.

Key Features & Benefits

Product Features and Benefits
■ Innovative design incorporating state-of-the-art highly reliable Honeywell GG1320 ring laser gyro elements
■ Highly accurate heading, heave, roll and pitch in all dynamics
■ Inertial position output
■ Small, lightweight and versatile
■ Dynamic turn rates of up to 200° /s
■ Maintenance free, due to the solid-state sensing elements
■ Configurable RTU allows for numerous I/Os to meet all customer requirements
■ Fast and simple unit installation
■ High mean time before failure (MTBF)
■ Low mean time to repair (MTTR)
■ User-friendly operation
■ Efficient CDU menu structure allows simple configuration and diagnostics
■ RS232/RS422 output, multiple channels
■ No temperature related system degradation
■ Programmable 200Hz HDLC 307.2K Baud output channels
■ Supplied with adjustable deck plate to remote requirement to realign
■ IMO approved for high speed craft, type approved to the Marine Equipment Directive
■ Qualified to MIL-STD for vibration, shock and EMC