MOD2 Glider

The Exocetus MOD2 Glider is the next step forward in long duration subsea monitoring. The MOD2 Glider is an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) that utilizes a patented buoyancy engine to efficiently move through the water. This glider can carry large payloads through a range of water conditions without manual ballasting or user intervention. The MOD 2 Glider builds on a design for the Office of Naval Research. That design was the result of extensive hydrodynamic and maneuvering modeling. We have invested 18 months updating electronics to the state of the art, implementing three processors for selective power savings, and undergoing ground-up software implementation. The result is the next generation of underwater gliders.


■ Modifiable for the user, by the user
■ Dedicated Science Processor
■ Transits between salt and freshwater without re-ballasting
■ Large, Modular Electronics Bay
■ User-controlled variable speeds, up to 2 kts
■ Robust Emergency Recovery System