Model 745

High Accuracy Pressure Standard

The Model 745 Portable Transfer Standards provide the highest accuracy pressure measurements for laboratory and metrological applications. Digiquartz® Transducers cover 26 absolute and gauge pressure ranges up to 40,000 psi (276 MPa) with unsurpassed accuracy, reliability and stability. The simple, intuitive front-panel user interface and versatile functionality with the rearpanel RS-232 computer interface make the Model 745 the best choice for high performance pressure calibrations.

The Model 745 is portable, easy to use, and fully self-contained in a compact case. Turn it on and immediately read the pressure values in any of nine different user-selectable engineering units. All pressure readings are fully temperature compensated and linearized. Tare functions, pressure units, temperature units, resolution, sampling time, number of display digits, communication settings, baud rates, sensor address, and passwords can be selected via the front panel menu system. The choices for second line display include an analog pressure bar graph, sensor temperature, rate of pressure change, and stored text or external text. The unit can also be controlled via the bi-directional RS-232 interface. Free software is included to read and log data via the RS-232 port.

The unit is either continuously powered from its AC adapter or for up to 20 hours from four AA cells. Pressure readings and an overpressure signal can be displayed remotely with the optionally available Model 715 display.

Paroscientific is certified to the ISO 9001 International Quality Standard. Our quality system and commitment to excellence ensure customers of outstanding products and services. We offer a market leading five year limited warranty on all Digiquartz® Transducers with the first two years covered at 100%.