Navisuite Beka

Efficient anchor handling operations with advanced catenary simulation

Tug in your anchor handling operations with NaviSuite Beka, a versatile, scalable and user-friendly software solution that increases the efficiency and safety of your anchor handling operations during rig move and barge management projects.

The solution combines anchor handling and catenary data acquisition, ROV inspection, and reporting in a single tool that covers both operation planning and execution. This simplifies the work process and reduces the risk of calculation errors that comes with using multiple software tools.

Among others, NaviSuite Beka allows for:

3D catenary simulation based on an advanced algorithm
… offering precise data and reducing operation costs by replacing the need for subsea sensors that provide data that the software can simulate

Display that combines real-time, user-defined operation data in a single view that functions as a key operation tool
… which can be shared with your team, ensuring that you have all the information needed to run efficient operations that match your requirements and setup

Calculation and visualisation of seabed, subsea object and structure clearance
… enabling safer operations by avoiding collision with the seabed and subsea structures

Real-time 3D display of the seabed, structures, anchor elements, and surface and subsea objects
… offering a complete picture of the entire operation, thereby reducing the risk of errors being made and increasing the efficiency of the operation

Efficient and safe operation setup that matches your needs and requirements

With NaviSuite Beka, you can choose between various operation management setups. For example, the entire operation can be managed from the rig/barge, with tug operators following it on a display via an auto zoom/pan feature and delivery of commands and runline/waypoint assignments.

Alternatively, you can co-manage the operation with one or more tug operators, enabling them to, among others, respond to assignments and change anchor status (picked-up, dropped, etc).

The NaviSuite Beka software offers high-performance, virtually instant anchor chain catenary simulation. You can make changes to all parameters and plan the next steps of the operation on the fly, and the changes will immediately be visible on the screen. Moreover, you can share the information with the tug operators as well as shore-based staff who are carrying out support and monitoring.

The entire operation is managed via a centralised rig/barge server and command centre, which reduces mobilisation and operation costs. You can design or import multiple runlines and waypoints, as well as manage anchor status and locations of up to 16 anchors manually or automatically.

Offer your clients a more comprehensive service

A real-time 3D view allows your clients to follow the operation. Also, they benefit from a reporting feature that offers automatic generation of detailed documentation
on anchor status, clearance distance and anchor chain touchdown point (TDP).