Navisuite Edulis

Automatic 3D scour monitoring 24/7 – all year round

Get a comprehensive data overview for a sound decision-making basis by means of a completely integrated solution for high-resolution sonar data acquisition and visualisation.

With NaviSuite Edulis, you get…

An automatically generated, comprehensive report
… including e.g. data on the development of average width, length and depth of the predefined scour area and volume of the eroded sediment material

Detailed visualisation of sonar data in a 3D environment
… combining a digital terrain model and cross profiles of the scour area in one view

Keep track of the bottom line

The NaviSuite Edulis is a plug and play total solution for continuous, automatic scour monitoring. It will streamline your underwater construction maintenance operations and vastly reduce the number of man-hours required, as it replaces the costly alternative of carrying out surveys manually on site.

Cable free span, structural fatigue and deterioration, varying eigen frequency and other structural problems are practically eliminated, as the NaviSuite Edulis enables you to react promptly to development of scour.

Altogether, this translates into far more efficient monitoring and maintenance operations, saving you time and money and lengthening the lifespan of the subsea structure.

Complete overview through high-resolution data 24/7

Via one or more scanning sonars fitted to the underwater structure, depending on whether a 360 or 180° view is required, the NaviSuite Edulis scans the seabed and logs the data at a defined interval.

High-resolution sonar data offer a detailed image of the seabed with no risk of inconsistencies due to the fixed position of the sonars. Moreover, you’re able to monitor the development of scour 24/7, all year round, through data covering current and tide as well as seasonal effects.

Upgrade with supplementary data

When you want to supplement the data provided by the NaviSuite Edulis solution with additional information for an in-depth analysis of scour tendencies, an ADCP (Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler) will do the trick.

When one horse power is enough

Among others, we offer the Teledyne RD Instruments Workhorse Waves Array including wave and current processing software for this purpose.

These workhorse ADCPs collect high-quality wave and current data, including current velocity profiles, through seabed deployment near the underwater construction fitted with the NaviSuite Edulis sonars.