Navisuite Kuda

Affordable software with deep feature list for shallow water surveys

NaviSuite Kuda aims to offer companies specialising in shallow water surveys all the necessary tools to carry out time-efficient operations that result in extensive end reports with high-quality data.

Among other benefits, NaviSuite Kuda allows for:

Combining several data types during acquisition and post-processing
… through interfacing to high-tech sonars and lasers, thereby reducing costs and the risk of errors

High-quality sensor processing and editing features
… that minimise time spent on post-processing and improve the quality of your survey results

Increased precision of data
… through interfacing to standard vessel navigation equipment and the possibility to purchase the EIVA ATTU time-tagging unit as an optional extra

High-performance data acquisition and processing in real time
… as the size of data sets is only limited by disc capacity, thereby allowing for more efficient surveys

Advanced sensor data acquisition and processing software solution available at an affordable price

NaviSuite Kuda is the optimal solution for time-efficient, high-quality shallow water surveys, such as harbour and waterway surveys, as well as construction inspections.

By bundling the NaviSuite features relevant to these types of operations into a dedicated single-user solution, you get an affordable toolbox without compromising on the quality of its contents or its capacity, as it is only the disc size that sets a limit for the size of data handled by the software.

As NaviSuite Kuda is part of the NaviSuite family, you can easily upgrade your solution should your needs change in terms of licences or features. In other words, you can go from a single-user setup to a large network installation with multiple operators and remote displays without changing software.

Multi-purpose solution covering all relevant sensor types

NaviSuite Kuda interfaces with a long list of high-tech sonar equipment and lasers, from multi-beam echo sounders and side-scan sonars to laser scanners. Also, more simple solutions such as single beam echo sounders and magnetometers are covered by the more than 500 drivers included in the bundle.

Consequently, the need for manufacturer-developed software is eliminated, and you only have to invest in a single software solution. Moreover, as you are not working with several different solutions and data formats, the risk of errors is vastly reduced.

The acquired data can be applied as raw data and combined throughout the acquisition and processing workflow. This means that you save time and are able to create a single end report with all relevant data included.

Get the most out of the equipment in play

The EIVA crew encompasses experienced software engineers and engineers specialising in sensor technology. This means that you get a software solution developed by a highly qualified team of experts who know how to ensure that you benefit the most from the technologies included in your survey spread.

Let the software do most of the work

NaviSuite Kuda includes features such as Kalman filtering, tide correction and final georeferencing, just to mention a few. These add up to sensor processing and editing capabilities of the highest quality, which ensures that human and sensor errors are corrected throughout the data workflow. The outcome is high-quality survey results and time saved during post-processing.