Navisuite Uca

3D dredging software for high-precision and efficient operations

Constant overview of where the bucket has been and where to go next… through real-time, realistic visualisation of the entire dredging operation in 3D

Constant quality control of data
… through the combination of all relevant sensor and sonar data in a single, fully customisable view

Dredging milestones met as accurately as possible
… through customised colour-coded terrain model of project progress

Optimal solution for dredging operations covering vast areas
… through unlimited size of the 3D model

Quickly delivered high-quality report
… through automatic volume calculation of dredged areas combined with 3D visualisation

User-friendly dredging software solution that doesn’t require advanced IT skills
… through an intuitive and simple interface tailored to the dredging discipline

Possibility to choose a dredging solution matching your exact needs
… through a long list of optional extras covering both software and hardware, including sensors

When dredging efficiency and precision go bucket in bucket

The EIVA NaviSuite Uca software offers you a 3D solution that will streamline your dredging operations by as much as 50%.

Developed in close collaboration with dredging sensor specialists and customers, this user-friendly 3D software brings an array of features for efficient and precise dredging operations, calculations and reporting. This means less time spent in the cab and creating reports. The result is a reduced time-frame of your operations, from pre-survey to end-report.

One, two, many benefits of 3D visualisation software for dredging operations

By integrating pre-survey multi-beam echo sounder data, GPS and excavator/crane sensor data in the software, NaviSuite Uca offers real-time navigation and 3D visualisation of the excavator/crane body, boom, stick and bucket position relative to the seabed, whether you use a clamshell, wire crane or a third option

This, together with a fully customisable view of a pre-survey image of the seabed and target profile, provides the operator with a constant overview of the dredging operation progress that combines all relevant information in a single view, easing the process of monitoring the dredging operation.

The DTM (digital terrain model) is instantly updated on the dredging operator’s screen as the operation progresses, which for example makes it easy to plan sediment removal. When the bucket is above the water surface, the software will mark its position on the DTM, helping the operator choose where to break the surface in order to reach the intended spot on the seabed.

Additionally, the automatic dredging volume calculation decreases the time spent on monitoring your operations.

In other words, you’re constantly ensured that the bucket goes where intended.

For both small and large dredging operations

There are no limitations in the software as to the size of the 3D model of the seabed. Even if several excavators or cranes are involved in the dredging operation, NaviSuite Uca allows you to combine the visualisation of their progress in a single view, using the same 3D model for all units – integrated with sensor data in the software.

It is in general easy for you to track the progress of your operations with the features offered by NaviSuite Uca. For example, the volume calculation and terrain comparison tools will let you create reports much faster. Throughout the dredging operation, you can compare the dredged surface with your target model. This makes it easy to see when project milestones are reached, and minimises the risk of over-dredge. Also, the possibility of analysing project progress though customised colour coding of the updated DTM will ensure that you meet dredging milestones as accurately as possible.

As an optional extra feature, NaviSuite Uca can be paired up with a multi-beam echo sounder or sidescan sonar for digital 3D terrain modelling of the seabed during the operation as opposed to having to wait for a post-dredging survey.

The NaviSuite Uca software is designed to integrate with multiple types of dredgers and applications, including backhoe excavators, wire cranes, suction pumps, cutter suction dredgers, rock saws etc. This makes NaviSuite Uca well-suited for pond- and lake dredging as well as harbour dredging, just to mention some of the possible applications. Consequently, you can use the same dredging software for all your operations, which will save you the cost of investing in different licences and training for each of these.

Looking for all-in-one dredging solution?

The NaviSuite Uca dredging software comes with a number of optional extras, both in terms of software and hardware, including sensors. Consequently, you can easily upgrade your setup by choosing the components that will match your needs.

These systems will always undergo thorough testing and integration before delivery, ensuring you a solution that is ready for commissioning when it lands at the project site. Moreover, it is possible to sign up for our 24/7 software maintenance and support programme should you need assistance before, during or after your dredging operat

… Or looking to expand your capabilities to include various kinds of shallow water surveys?

Being part of the NaviSuite software product range, you can also easily expand your software capabilities to encompass various survey tasks, such as harbour surveys and construction inspections. Using software products from the same suite brings benefits in terms of training, support and maintenance, and not least costs.