Miniaturized Iridium Asset Tracker

Track mobile assets with seamless coverage globally – including polar and uninhabited regions. Small size, optional integrated power source, robust design and ease of mounting are key to a quick installation and successful operation. The Iridium satellite constellation with 66 satellites in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and truly global coverage provide low-latency two-way communication with the ONYX.

ONYX is compatible with the XeosOnline™ monitoring software, providing data analytics & monitoring functions for all applications. XeosOnline™ provides street map positioning, alarm notifications for a variety of triggers and conditions, and over the air command & control of the ONYX.
Utilize the user configurable Input/Output to retrieve data from external sensors/devices and/or trigger alarms – all from the other side of the globe.



  • Multiple configurations available
  • Integrated rechargeable battery pack (optional)
  • Integrated antennas
  • Two-way global communication via Iridium satellite
  • User-configurable I/O
  • XeosOnline™ compatible
  • Available Encryption
  • Communications: 9603 Iridium Transceiver