Orion INS (Surface and Subsea)

inertial navigation system

Orion INS has been specifically designed for the demanding hydrographic survey, offshore construction and ROV operations markets. Orion incorporates three single axis ring laser elements and three highly accurate accelerometers. These specific components, widely used in many of the world’s commercial aircraft, were chosen for Orion because of availability, accuracy and their very high meantime between failures. These core elements enabled the TSS research and development team to design this high specification Inertial Navigation System which is configured and controlled by the latest easy-to-use interface – OrionView.

Orion utilises the latest version of the TSS inertial algorithm which has over 30 years of pedigree providing outstanding performance in all sea conditions. Orion is offered as an IP65-rated surface unit or 3000m rated subsea unit (6000m optional).

Teledyne TSS offers comprehensive sales and service capabilities through its own personnel in the UK, USA and Asia-Pacific. Its products are further supported by a worldwide network of sales representatives.

■ 0.1° heading with single GPS antenna aiding
■ Heave, 5cm or 5% of range whichever is greater
■ 0.01° roll, pitch
■ Speed and position outputs
■ Latitude and speed corrected
■ IMU raw data outputs
■ RLG MTBF of 300,000 hours
■ Three configurable I/O Channels
■ Easy set-up using OrionView software
■ Surface and subsea (aluminium or titanium) options