Iridium Surface Tracking System



Reliable, continuous information from the ocean’s surface can be difficult to gather. OSKER and ROBY offer global communications via the Iridium satellite system in a small, rugged package with sophisticated on-board programming. Manage 2-way communication between the tracking unit and XeosOnline™ monitoring system for full remote configurability. The OSKER is a single use air-deployed surface tracker, with antennas and power integrated. Deployed in a group, the OSKERs provide accurate real time tracking over an area of the surface, mapping currents, oil spills, or other phenomenon. Set the Watch Circle to get automatic notification if any of the units travel outside the designated area.

Key Features & Benefits

■ Iridium transceiver for 2-way command & control
■ Available in kits of 5 or 10 units
■ Watch circle for alarm notification of spill movement
■ Air-deployed
■ Compatible with XeosOnline™ monitoring system