Miros RangeFinder

The ultimate stand-alone sensor for Air Gap, Tide, Water Level, Draught, and Waves measurements.

The versatile SM-140 Rangefinder is purpose made for accurate measurements of the vertical distance to the water surface, and with market leading range and accuracy specifications. The measurements are not impacted by fog, rain or water-spray. The sensor is available with two antenna alternatives, either a 10 wide or 5 narrow beam width antenna with a smaller footprint, to suit different applications. Measurement ranges from 1-23m to 3-95 m.

The sensor provides accurate air gap data at high sampling rates. Water Level and Draught are calculated, where averaging periods and reference points are configurable. Wave variables are calculated both from the wave spectrum and from time-series.

The new SM-150 RangeFinder is a stand-alone sensor with embedded processing and storage, enabling data to be easily and securely accessible both locally and remotely by utilizing modern loT technologies.

The sensor has proved its ruggedness and reliability through many years of service in extreme weather conditions all over the world.

Key Features:

  • High sampling rate and accuracy
  • Embedded data processing and browser-based user interface
  • loT enabled, for easy data access, locally and remotely
  • No parts submerged in water
  • Low maintenance cost