RoadScan™ 30

The affordable RoadScan™ 30 system provides users with an effective tool for quickly determining pavement layer thickness. RoadScan 30 can collect data densities not obtainable using other labor intensive methods. RoadScan data can be acquired at highway speeds, which eliminates the need for lane closures and provides a safer working environment.

The RoadScan Advantage
The RoadScan system, with available accessories, provides all the components necessary to perform a GPR road inspection. The SIR® 30 control unit is a configurable multi-channel system, allowing users the ability to operate one to four antennas simultaneously at high speeds.

New and improved smart antennas simplify set-up with automatic identification to the SIR 30. Customize  the system for your specific needs, configure the RoadScan 30 with your choice of accessory antennas.