Iridium Surface Tracking System



Reliable, continuous information from the ocean’s surface can be difficult to gather. OSKER and ROBY offer global communications via the Iridium satellite system in a small, rugged package with sophisticated on-board programming. Manage 2-way communication between the tracking unit and XeosOnline monitoring system for full remote configurability.

The ROBY is a re-usable surface tracker with antennas and user replaceable batteries. Information can be received via plaintext email and/or monitored using XeosOnline, a web-based monitoring software providing map level positioning and history. 2-way communication via Iridium allows for remote changes to the watch circle settings or reporting intervals. Trust OSKER & ROBY to bring you the information you need when you need it most.

Key Features

■ Iridium transceiver for 2-way command & control
■ Available in kits of 5 or 10 units
■ Watch circle for alarm notification of spill movement
■ Replaceable batteries (ROBY)
■ Compatible with XeosOnline™ monitoring system