ROV/AUV Side Scan

SeaKing Side Scan Sonar

Easy to integrate into subsea vehicles

The unit is supplied as two separate transducers and an electronics module suitable for integration into most ROVs and AUVs. The ARCNET, RS232 or RS485 communications protocols allows it to be operated with other Tritech SeaKing underwater sensors such as scanning sonars, profilers or bathymetric systems over a single communications link to the surface.

The SeaKing ROV mounted side scan sonar is an extremely compact and cost effective high definition sidescan sonar designed for a wide range of seabed survey and inspection duties.

Combining the very latest in digital sonar technology with industry leading transducer design and digital CHIRP signal processing techniques dramatically improves range resolution and generates sonar images of unprecedented clarity.

The ROV side scan can be connected to a Surface Control Unit (SCU) or a normal PC/laptop through a SeaHub. In addition to displaying the sidescan data the system can record and combine the data with positional information from an external GPS sensor. This allows accurate fixing of features on the sonar scan.

The logged sonar data can be exported to a variety of standard formats include XTF, CSV, GeoTIFF or Google Earth KMZ format.