S-Boom System

The S-Boom Sub-bottom Profiling System is an alliance of existing and new technologies, packaged to provide a unique and powerful method of carrying out deep penetration seismic surveys with ultra-high resolution data quality.

By harnessing the combined power of three proven AA252 Boomer Plates to provide one single pulse, the S-Boom System redefines the boundaries of shallow seismic surveying.  The transmitted energy is focused by the array geometry to improve the directivity and beam pattern, giving a marked improvement over traditional seismic sound sources.  Already recognised for producing high resolution seabed profiles, the fusion of these three transducers delivers a source level high enough to significantly increase sub-bottom penetration while maintaining a vertical resolution of better than 0.25 metres.

Innovation within the energy source sees the S-Boom capable of operating at a maximum energy output of 1000 Joules per pulse, and firing at 3 pulses per second. At this setting, the S-Boom has achieved penetration results of over 200ms through sand and limestone whilst delivering the high resolution records expected of boomer systems with all the quality and reliability expected of Applied Acoustics.

As with all AAE sub bottom systems, the S-Boom forms part of a modular package able to operate from a number of energy sources from the renowned CSP range. For optimum results, the fast charging CSP-N power supply has been designed as the energy source of choice for this system, although the system can operate just as well with a source from the larger CSP-S range. Furthermore, some existing variants of the CSP-D range can also be used at lower settings and longer pulse intervals.

Given the frequency of operation and the transmitted power levels, the S-Boom system is suitable for use with both single and multi-channel hydrophone arrays and acquisition packages, adding to the overall system versatility and creating the perfect UHR package for many applications including research, mapping and construction geological surveys.