SALT Air & Depth Monitoring System

3-Diver Mixed Gas Diving Panel with
4 Analysers (IMCA Compliant) Model: MGP-SLT 3
3-Diver HP Air Control & 
Depth MonitoringModel: SLT3885


2-Diver Air Control &
Depth Monitoring 
Panel with CommunicationsModel: SLT 2DADC-2HP
Portable 2-Diver Low Pressure Air Control &
Monitoring UnitModel: SLT 3881
Portable 3-Diver Air & Depth
Monitoring PanelModel: SALT A-3HPLPAP

Brass Regulators for Diving & Life Support

Based on our well established range of stainless steel regulators, our range of brass regulators are cleaned and degreased within the guidelines of ASTM G93 for equipment used in Oxygen enriched environments, and intended for use on critical life support or hyperbaric diving applications where accurate control and high cleanliness is required for breathing systems. Typically used in hyperbaric and decompression chambers and on breathing air analyser systems.